We are in our start up mode (beta) and CashOffs are free after you share them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Invitation from the Founder

Shark Tank My name is Brian Thomas, I am a serial entrepreneur and recently launched CashOff, a website and system that can help you find new profitable customers for your business and at the same time it spreads your discount offer on social media, including Facebook. We recently auditioned with Shark Tank and they loved our presentation.  They also made a comment regrarding how great my energy is.   

We expect to be live in S. Florida within 30 days and we are offering free use of the site to the initial merchants who get on board now. There is no trick or any catch or anything like that.   

CashOff is similar to Groupon but Different
CashOff is substantially less expensive than Groupon (free now!)
CashOff uses Facebook and Twitter to spread your coupons or deals.
If you are interested in using the CashOff platform for free, please reply and we will let you know if you are approved.   Considering we are not charging you anything, please provide a substantial discount to our consumers! We already have close to 10,000 of them waiting for your deals!  

Feel free to email me with any questions.  

Brian Thomas
Founder, CEO and Chief Noisemaker 

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