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About Us

CashOff is a marketplace and destination for merchants to offer coupon saving discounts called CashOffs to consumers.   

The Problem We Solve

Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and others have created a $6 billion dollar market for daily deals in just 5 years. Their business model relies on the customer purchasing a deeply discounted voucher redeemable for services or products. However, the Groupon and similar companies business model is so expensive that most merchants cannot afford to offer their deals.

 Groupon and the others require the merchant to discount their normal price by at least 50% and then they keep half of what is collected from the customer. For example, a Groupon that costs the consumer $25 and can be redeemed for $50 worth of food nets the merchant only $12.50. As a result, many businesses cannot afford to utilize Groupon or the other daily deal sites.


The Solution

CashOff is inexpensive. CashOff is extremely viral on social media. 

CashOff is introducing a special breed of coupon so unique that we have filed a patent to protect our Intellectual Property (IP). Our offering is exactly what the name implies, Cash Off a product or service. Different than a voucher, it literally represents cash off a product or service.

CashOff can be used just like currency to reduce the amount owed to the merchant. For example, a $25 CashOff allows you to use it like real money, to reduce your bill by $25. Unlike ordinary coupons that are typically free, CashOffs have much greater value and must be either earned or purchased.


CashOffs are never FREE. They can be earned by sharing the CashOff with your friends or they can be bought for a small price.


Merchant Benefits

  • Greater profits because CashOffs are inexpensive compared to the daily deals
  • Greater exposure to more customers because CashOffs have much greater social media promotional value and a true viral component absent from the competition


Consumer Benefits

  • Potentially better deals – the merchants can offer even deeper discounts because, unlike
  • Groupon, CashOff is not keeping 50% of the deal
  • Bigger variety of discount offers because more businesses can afford to offer them
  • No need to invest and tie up personal funds to secure voucher based deals (Groupon, etc)
  • Built in ability to earn CashOffs for no cost to you, simply by sharing them with your friends