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3D/4D ultrasound package includes:

  • Five black-and-white prints 
  • CD with all digital images 
  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat and find out the gender of your little one.

Ultrasound sessions capture images and real-time recordings of unborn babies and their heartbeat. A 3D ultrasound sends ultrasonic waves from a variety of angles around the body to provide a very detailed picture. Adding the element of time results in a moving 3D image, called a 4D ultrasound.

Exceptional Imaging Center is owned and operated by Renee McCoy. She has been a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer since 1997 and has experience in Abdomen, Pelvic, OB, Breast, Carotid and Vascular in hospital and clinic settings. She has recognized the need to make this incredible experience affordable to all patients. The technologist at Exceptional Imaging Center are registered or registry eligible and have had formal training with a minimum of two years of experience in OB ultrasound. They perform with the very best, state of art 3D/4D ultrasound and mobile medical ultrasound systems.

A 3D ultrasound strengthens the bond between mother and baby, enriching the relationship connection often postponed until delivery. Clients express again and again how the experience of seeing their baby in 3D/4D generates an even greater love and connection.

Exceptional Imaging Center also provides abdominal ultrasound (gallbladder, liver, kidney and pancreas), pelvic and vascular ultrasound, as well as renal and testicular ultrasound.

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Exceptional Imaging Center
1031 Ives Dairy Road
Suite 228
Miami, Florida 33179
(305) 801-801-3336