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Live Fit Connect is a State of The Art Gym and  Social Club.  All classes are included as well as yoga, spin, bootcamp, body building, circuit training, dance, soccer moves, running techniques, and much more. 

We Are Also A Social Club

Our mission as a social club is to provide our members with healthy ways to meet others and interact. Whether you are single, a couple, or family, we will have events for you. We have several social events a week in house such as nutrition talks, couples massage training, watching sports events and dinner, outdoor soccer and sports, cooking classes, and more. We will also sponsor local trips (snorkeling, outings to sports events), national trips (skiing in Colorado), and international trips (climbing the great wall of China).

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Contact Us

Live Fit Connect Gym and Social Club
10080 Griffin Road Cooper City, FL

Located around the back of the Pine Lakes Publix Plaza





Live Fit Connect Gym and Social Club