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Chiropractic treatments can provide pain relief from headaches, neck pain, and lower back discomfort. With the proper rehabilitation, chiropractic treatments can help increase your body's range of motion, as well as improve nerve function, which strengthens the immune system.

At Stanger Healthcare, we focus on finding the root cause of the pain to alleviate any discomfort. The chiropractic treatments are extremely thorough and aim at offering pain relief the right way.

Your body's pain and discomfort can be caused by major trauma, such as auto accidents or by minor trauma, such as incorrect posture. Stanger's chiropractic physicians specialize in treatments designed to remove the pain and “re-teach” your body the correct muscle patterns.

At Stanger Healthcare Centers, the team of highly qualified physicians have developed a new trend in the health care industry.

The medical professionals at Stanger Health and Weight Loss Center, led by founder Doctor of Chiropractic Jeffrey L. Stanger, treat clients' minds and bodies at six locations throughout South Florida. Drs. Stanger, Ferro, Mogle, Krimshtein and Weinstein tackle ailments of all stripes—including work, sports, and auto-related injuries—but don't neglect the softer skills. Massage therapists ease tension and promote circulation, psychologists help sort through emotional difficulties, and orthopedic surgeons remind feet that they are, in fact, special. 

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