Create Coupons

create couponsCashOff allows you to create coupons in less than 57 Seconds using our Coupon Management System for Business.  It is like having your very own coupon template!

Making a coupon for your business couldn’t be easier!


Print Coupons

You can use our Coupon Management System to print coupons.  It is like having your very own coupon template.


Distribute Coupons on Social Media

And within a few more minutes you can be emailing the coupon or posting it to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site.


Display Coupons at Your Website

Then install our plugin to your existing website and from that point on you will have CashOffs that appear on your home page – just like the one you see to the far right that says “CashOff’.

Go ahead and click on the red tab all the way to the right…………. it wont bite! 


Email Coupons to Customers

You can email CashOffs to all of your customers or even just one of your customers. Just do not let the others find out that some of us have subscribed to a private list of CashOffs with larger disocunts! The ways you can use a CashOff is endless!